03 September 2013

Every Weekend Should Be Like This

only a hint of what's to come

Here Comes the Sun


ooh la la

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Oh My My

Face the Music

Chicory Sparkle

young 'un

up a tree

perfect reflection


Sunset on My Shoulders


  1. Wow! What incredible terrific shots!

  2. I agree, as long as the bear continues to mind his own business haha nice shots

    1. Thanks, Pat! As long as the bear stays on the other side of the river, I could shoot him all day! He was very fun to watch!

  3. I think I can guess what you guys did this weekend. :)

    What a fun time you must have had with those sunrise shots! Chicory Sparkle is great, and I love the animal shots too.

    1. Alas, this was three weekends ago, Sue. Boohoo. No more bike for me for three more weeks. I can hardly count the minutes...

  4. Oh man, I agree... I wish that every weekend were like that! Did you use a flash in photos 2 and 4. Just curious, as I'm still learning every day!

    Seeing that bear eating acorns must have been a real treat, especially on top of one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen.

    1. Thanks, KB! Yes, flash in 2, 4 AND 8, too. Otherwise, they'd have been flower silhouettes, which was not what I wanted in those particular shots. The silhouettes were without flash, and that's exactly what I wanted.


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