23 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday

in the beginning

things we want

things we want

things we want

things we want

out with the old


in with the new


Doesn't look like 450 pounds, does it?

My hyacinths are thriving, even after three big snow dumps!

Rock On

One of my favorite rocks.

I couldn't resist.

security blanket

after one day of planting

Our Yard

Here we go again...

after the storm

baby lavender

a little more green

a lot more green

a tiny baby!!!

Ladybug to the Rescue!


flowers make smiles

moss rose

California Poppies

cupid's dart

my first lupine


bachelor button


Siberica Strawberry Fair Iris


  1. That was GREAT! I feel like I was living across from you watching your yard transform into the beautiful end result!
    I cannot believe that truck load of rocks weighed 450 pounds!
    I love all the flowers you have.....my fav?...the Iris. I love Iris'.
    You and your front yard seem to be good friends. :)

    1. Thank you, Maria! I have to say I'm very partial to that particular iris, too. They don't always bloom in the first year, so we were very lucky to get that one. Hopefully next year we'll have many!

  2. Looks like quite a project. And some beautiful flowers, too. Back when I had a yard, I liked to do landscaping, especially rockscaping.

    Thanks for stopping by and catching up with our posts, including our blog anniversary :)

    1. Catsynth, you should share some photos of your rockscaping. I would love to see what you have done!

  3. The flowers picks are sure some bright and that is alot of rocks lol

    1. And can you believe, we're not quite done with rocks yet, Pat? We're only about 60% done. I think it's going to be spectacular when everything is finished!

  4. Ta Da! Perfect! No words necessary, just sit back and enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Karen! Sometimes I don't work on the garden. Sometimes I just sit on the porch and admire it!

  5. These are the beautiful blue flowers Sue told me about. So pretty! What an amazing transformation. :-)

    1. Thanks, Astri! It's been so exciting watching it come to life. A few things have not bloomed yet and may not bloom in their first year, so next year may be just as exciting!

  6. Oh, what a fun post - I love the "a lot more green" shot because that's just how it looked when I was there! Makes me want to come back and see how they're all doing. :)

    You guys did SUCH a great job - it's truly beautiful. And who could resist making a little rock snowflake?

    Love the rock and brick and stone photos too - things like that just make me itch to be working on some kind of yard project.

    1. Thanks, Sue! It has grown so much. When I look at the photo of the one-sprigged lavender, it makes me all tingly inside because it now has about 30 sprigs of purple!

      I will have to make more rock snowflakes in the backyard... :)

  7. You didn't bury the lizard in all that work, did you? That last bloom is amazing.

    1. Thanks, Stratoz! No, we didn't bury the lizard. We were planning to put it in the backyard so it would be safe, but I think we're leaning back to the front now, close to the porch. But we have a bit more work to do before we reach that point...


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