01 July 2013

Bike MS


This year's MS-150 was a blast!

Temperatures dropped just enough last weekend to make the climbs fairly pleasant. Light rain on Sunday and a light tail wind both days made the miles roll by gently.

I didn't have much internet access in June, so I scheduled all my blog posts for the entire month (except for Ride the Rockies trip reports) and half of this month back in May. I like what I have scheduled for this week and next, and I don't want to wait three weeks to share the weekend's adventures. So I thought I'd do a bonus post today.

a beautiful Day 1 sunrise

The first year I participated in the MS-150, the team I rode with was not a major sponsor, so I didn't get to be at the front of the chutes to start after the national anthem. The next 10 years or so, I rode with the team of the title sponsor, and for three of those years, I was the first person to leave.

my former team

It felt very odd this year having to wait until all the top sponsor teams left. It felt even odder to see my former teammates in the jersey I used to wear.

The team lives on, even though the corporate sponsorship has ended. Even though the team welcomed me to keep riding with them, I decided back in November it wouldn't be fair of me to draw upon the limited team resources this year because I am not an employee.

Powerhouse teams Coneheads and Raw Hinies graciously invited my former team members and The Lizard and me to join their teams. All three teams trained together all spring.

It was very tempting to join the Raw Hinies. They consistently raise a tremendous amount of money every year, and the closeness of their team members is something all teams should have.

Hinie Ho

The Raw Hinies invited my former team mates (and us) to join them in their team tent at the end of Day 1 because my former team has no team tent now. This invitation also was tempting, but The Lizard and I usually are ready for our hotel room by the time I finish, so we wasted no time boarding the bus to south Fort Collins.

Nevertheless, it was so awesome to be invited and to be made to feel we are part of the "family" even though the structure of my former team has changed and even though I do not know any of the Coneheads or Raw Hinies. I appreciate their generosity, and if the offers are still open next year, I may just have to say yes.

Hinie Ho

After three-digit highs last week in the metro area while I served as director for girls camp in the mountains, Saturday was about 20 degrees more comfortable for MS-150 riders.

Saturday bonus scenery

Our Snowcatcher team jerseys did not arrive in time, so we winged it with regular favorite jerseys. Mrs. Micawber found a substitute team. She found a rider with a matching jersey.

a whole new team

This year's High Roller jersey, which I missed out on by a whopping five dollars, really drew my eye.

jersey envy

High Roller Potties

Costumes cracked me up.

If Bikes Could Fly

Dog Tired

Tail Wag

beach babes

The treats at the rest stops were out of this world.


Saturday's lunch by the Sugar Bees team was awesome as always.


hungry riders

A motor vehicle accident near Horsetooth Reservoir resulted in riders being released in waves for a good part of the afternoon. The century route cut-off had to be extended. Mrs. Micawber and I missed the cut-off by eight minutes.

Oh, darn. (We had NO intentions whatsoever, but The Lizard happily completed his first century of the year, with a couple more to come in a couple of weeks.)


wave release

Some of the host towns from Ride the Rockies have banned plastic bags. Fort Collins gave riders plastic bags to protect their bike seats from the overnight storm, then recycled the bags when riders were done with them.

dry seats

Mrs. Micawber and I spent our downtime creatively.

crochet away


snowflaking with jelly yarn

Day 2 began with a misty rain, a fabulous sunrise and a full rainbow.

sunrise bow

Followed by four more rainbows.

another bow

And then a flat tire.

flat tire fest

dirty finger fest

And help from an unexpected source.

muscle man

Some unusual breakfast treats awaited at Sunday's first rest stop.

For breakfast?!?


Some unusual bikes could be found.

How do you park a big wheel?

future high roller, perhaps

At one rest stop, a rider wearing a "I Ride with MS" jersey approached me, pointed to my High Roller jersey and said, "Thank you."

That's why I ride.

happy volunteers

This is why I ride.

This is why I ride.


  1. hah like the helmet horns and those huge clown like bikes, only time I seen them before haha

    1. This is about the third or fourth time I've seen a highwheel, Pat. I don't know how they stay balanced, but I'm so impressed!

  2. How fun to relive the weekend through your lens....

    Thanks again! It was a blast. :D

    1. You up for 2014 Ride the Rockies now?!? ;)

    2. Ha! There's not enough moleskin in the world to get me through that....

      And I have yet to complete a century. Don't rush me! ;)

  3. thanks for riding for people with MS! We appreciate it and w/o people like you I probably would still be giving myself shots but with new research and and people brave enough to participate in trials I now take 1 pill a day to keep my MS at the level it is and hopefully never get any worse. God Bless, and always safe riding!

    Also, our MS Self-help group man the Century rest stop for one of the MI rides. I'll try to remember to share pics with you! Such awesome friends I have made through the years.

    1. Brenda, both my husband and I were thrilled to find out you are doing a pill a day now instead of injections! How thrilling! Makes all this fund-raising so worth the effort!

      I can't wait to see your photos!

  4. Thanks for all you and your fellow riders do to raise awareness to MS and raise money for research for the CURE for MS.

    As a person with MS I know first hand how much as been done with the dollars raised towards understanding of the disease and better treatment for those with MS.

    Just last month I was able to quit giving myself shots and now take one pill a day to combat further progression of the disease! This is done with money raised by BikeMS and WalkMS, which means people like you help those of us live a better life.

    God Bless and safe riding.

    1. Thanks again, Brenda! (Liked both your comments, so approved both. Big smile!)

  5. Oh so muich fun...so very proud of all you. :)

    Blessings always dear friend.

    1. Thanks, Stitchy! Now I can finally start getting back to Hollow's Edge and see how the mystery is coming along!

  6. Love your post...I was the Rawhinie with the horns! My helmet hair looks much better from the back! Such a fun weekend!

    1. Thanks, Red! So fun to "meet" you! It was a terrific weekend. I'm so thankful the weather wasn't as hot as Ride the Rockies and that we had no smoke this year!

  7. Great post and summary of an amazing weekend. I am the Rawhinie with the horns...my helmet hair looks much better from the back! Hinie Ho!

    1. Thanks again, Red! Liked both your comments, so published both! ;)

  8. Oh! I'm late! I thought there were no posts but it seems Blogger had decided to disappear you and Mrs. Micawber from my reading list once again. Oy. Yay!!!!! You made it!!! Had we known you were but $5 short, we might have been able to push you up a little. :( Now then, about that dog guy... the tail is all dog, but I'm sorry to inform him that the ears are entirely Nubian! :) You and Mrs. Micawber rock, by the way!!!!

    1. Thanks, Marigold! I was $5 short last year; that's why I drool over this year's High Roller jersey. I won't get one. But I think I'll make it this year and get another one next year. Here's to hoping next year's High Roller jersey is as awesome as the 2011 and 2012 jerseys!

  9. Thanks for the awesome blog! Fun, fun photos of a tremendous weekend!

    1. Thanks, Bridget! It truly was a fabulous weekend!

  10. Check out Mrs. Micawber's awesome Part 1 post here:

  11. this story is so sweet, love this cyclocross rides

    1. Thank you, Davis. I've never done cyclocross, but I do love to ride.


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