26 July 2013

Friday Funny

If I hide right here, maybe the boss won't see me.

More links to potentially make you spew on your computer screen...

Not only is this a fabulous shot, but the happy couple included a bit of fiber in their nest!

Cool or what?!?

The cute little graphic at the top of this post tells the story of spring in my neck of the high plains.

Those were the days.



Yup. (Scroll down.)


Oh, dear.

Thanks for the awesome link, Phil!

Reuse a wedding dress.


  1. Hehehehe! Great way to start a Friday!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I've always believed starting the day with a smile makes the whole week better.

  2. hahaha if only that would work

    1. I'm assuming you mean the "hide from boss" part, Pat. Yeah, that's why it seemed to fit the photo so well. :)

  3. Those exploded flowers are simply amazing ... what patience it must have taken to get those shots!

    Great to see that link from Phil again. :)

    1. I agree, Sue! I would love to try that sometime. Except that I have such trouble picking flowers... don't know if I could disassemble one, too!!!

  4. I've been reading your blog periodically, enjoying it very much as I'm a biker and crocheter too. Hubby and I live in flat Florida, so I can only imagine hill/mountain climbing by bike. In order to get some challenge into our rides, we seek out highway overpasses so we can actually change gears going up the inclines and enjoy a fast descent. Hey... gotta do what you gotta do.

    Half of the year, our weather is perfect, but summer heat and humidity is an issue. When it's 92 out, with something like 90% humidity, exertion can be problematic, but we just get earlier starts [6:30 am sometimes] or shorten our rides or take longer rest breaks. Of course we drink a lot of water. Still, we bike. I just turned 70. My husband is 78. His doctor attributes his perfect health to biking, with a low heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc better than most 30 year olds. I've brought down my numbers to within tolerable parameters too, despite having a heart rhythm condition, but because I bike and keep fit generally, no medication required. Bicycle riding is our formula of choice for wellness. I would add, it's a lot easier on aging knees. While many of our friends who run and hike have had to stop because of bad knees and orthopedic surgery, we just keep peddling.

    I've made a couple of your snowflakes using whatever yarn I have on hand, including some yummy gold lame and even a rustic linen, but haven't tried size 10 thread yet. I think I will.

    Thanks for your inspiration and all the wonderful snowflakes.

    1. Well, thank you, BarbieCat! You are an inspiration to me! I hope I am still riding twenty years from now, and doing it with style as you appear to be doing!


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