19 July 2013

Friday Funny

Viewers, please do NOT try any of these moves at home!!! Thanks for the hilarious but nail-biting link, Sue!

According to Vegvesenet, the original owner of this video, "Del veien" is the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's campaign to increase understanding between cyclists and drivers in traffic. Definitely a unique way of trying to get the message across...


  1. LMAO the nine lives of a cat

  2. A brave and fool hardy man. As a cyclist you always come off second best. I've had enough excitement to last a life time. I intend to stay om my bike! Thanks for sharing the entertaining clip.

  3. It took me a couple of weeks to make the cat connection - at first I just thought what the heck? :)

    My sister sent me this link right after you had posted about the car (van?) that pulled out on the mountain road with you and other downhillers whizzing by ... it was a little hard to watch at first with your words ringing in my head.


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