23 July 2013


Copper Mountain Lupine

I lost nearly my entire summer last year due to back injury. As a result of the injury and this year's busy, busy, busy spring, I've been experiencing some mighty serious wildflower withdrawal.

Once my organized ride calendar for the year was done, I got to take time to smell the flowers. Literally. I still ride, but now I can stop and shoot. And fall in love all over again with Colorado, the mountains and all the colors around me.

The Lizard still had to train heavily for the Double Triple Bypass, which meant multiple visits to Vail Pass. Vail Pass rewarded me with a rainbow of my favorite wildflowers.

Sticky Geranium





wild rose

pussy toes

kitten tails

fairy trumpets

make a wish

In just two months, these will be golden.
In just two months, these will be golden.


  1. Some great shots and yeah back stuff blows, two months and fall will fall haha

  2. What wonderful colors! I can see why you would go into withdrawal without them!

  3. Some serious wildflower envy here ... and dianthus! I love dianthus and never knew they came in a wild variety. Your Sticky Geranium looks almost identical to our wild geranium.

    We don't have ANYTHING with such a cool name as Pussy Toes or Kitten Tails. :)

  4. Kitten Tails and Make a Wish......you sure know your flowers and I cannot get enough of your photography.

  5. That is one bounty of blooms


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