01 March 2013

Project Blizzard


I was going to post this later today, waiting on pins and needles to learn if we have been drawn for Ride the Rockies. But then I decided I can post like normal, and then do an update when I find out if we are headed for Telluride in June...

No drama this year.  Yippee!!!

12:22 p.m. Friday, 1 March 2013: WE ARE IN!!!

Time for new neoprene booties

I bought my first pair of neoprene booties after finishing my first Ride the Rockies nearly ten years ago. One chilly morning of that first adventure, my toes were so cold, I thought I would have to SAG (finish that day's ride aboard a van). Another rider took pity on me and loaned me his neoprene booties until my feet were warm enough to go on. That was enough to convince me I needed a pair of my own.

The pair I bought didn't last long. One zipper broke the first time I wore the booties. But I continued to wear them until the second zipper broke, back in about 2011. Since then, I've doubled and tripled my wool socks.

For my birthday, The Lizard presented me with a brand new pair of neoprene booties in shocking neon. They are warm, waterproof and highly visible on the road. Plus, they match my rain jacket, and they soothe my itch for blindingly bright green!

New tootsie warmers!

I've wanted my very own blue hydrangea for years and years and years. Longer than I've known The Lizard. He gave me my very own plant for Valentine's Day, which should survive transplanting outdoors after these lovely blooms (still going strong!) finish.

long-lasting birthday present

Three Christmas cacti continue to delight.

Thanksgiving Cactus

My (indoor) larkspur is once again spreading winter smiles through heavenly blues.

Larkspur to be


larkspur glory

Lovely Larkspur

Late Thursday night, February 21, I finished piecing the main section of this year's Denver National Quilt Festival high hopes. I'm still working on the border, but this top has been SO fun to do. The Lizard says that's because it doesn't contain snowflakes. :O

Staying busy with this quilt through the last half of winter has helped me fight SAD by giving me something to look forward to each night when I get off work and by providing what might be an unbeatable deadline but nevertheless a positive goal to work toward.

The Lizard snapped a photo of me with the quilt to show the size.

Cross-country skiing atop the Grand Mesa during the three-day weekend made for a lovely post-Valentine's Day date.

Grand Mesa Overlook

Amidst all this wonderful smiley stuff, depression did indeed still lurk, and it wasn't polite. February is full of painful anniversaries for both of us, and there were moments when happiness felt like a distant planet.

Two things I've learned from February 2013 are daylight matters and chronic pain is a bigger trigger than I ever realized. I'm so thankful for my new office digs, which provide more daylight than I've ever had in my entire 35-year career (a good deal of which was spent in a darkroom, of course), and I'm so thankful I finally went through physical therapy, which has made the ongoing pain much easier to manage and in a few rare and priceless cases, even prevent.

I've often quoted from a card a long-time friend sent when my youngest sister died: "It's always darkest before the dawn." There were some dark moments in February 2013, but the dawn was never far from me.

sunrise with the new camera


  1. Always in my prayers Deborah...
    and I featured your blog on my own this morning!

    1. Thanks, Cara, and thanks for the shoutout! Enjoyed seeing who else you keep up with!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful...and capture the beauty of God's Coloring book.... I went over and signed the petition as well..and updated the link you gave me..I'm not to sure many folks know of this...get the word out...and you finished your blog...with a beauty of a quote fit for me this day...it is always darkest before the dawn...and the picture...from God's coloring book,,thank you.

    1. Thanks, Faith. I couldn't believe only a handful of people have signed the milk petition. I certainly felt more people would care about adding sugar and chemicals to milk than that! But I guess having to set up an account to sign the petition is a bit of a put-off for many people.

  3. Woo hoo! I couldn't wait to hear if you guys got in. Congratulations!!! :)

    Your flowers are so lovely - I'm amazed the larkspur blooms so well indoors. Definitely a cheerfulness booster at this time of year! And all that lovely daylight in your new office is wonderful.

    P.S. A certain turtle went horseback riding today, then explored a yarn store in Estes Park. A good time was had by all. :)

    1. Thanks, Sue! Now, if my back will just be ready in time...

      I wish I could have been up in Estes with you. That would have been such a blast!

  4. Woo Hoo! You made it! Of course you did! You are the most persevering soul I know. :) So what did you decide on the quilt border? I'm sure you posted it and I am so behind but anyway. Love the turtle. I know you can make a goat. I just know it. :)

    1. Thanks, Marigold! The quilt has lilac, and it's all pieced now. Now comes the quilting...

      I was so tickled Sue took the turtle with her all over Colorado during her visit! Maybe I've started a trend!!!


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