05 March 2013

New Eyes

Molly's flowers

Everyone's been asking if I like the new camera. I haven't given it the wildlife test yet, but I have played around. I must admit, it does very well in snow!

I've also finally used it for work, one of the main reasons I had to get a new camera. We still have four more months or so of an extensive renovation to endure, so finding a spot to set up "the studio" for employee portraits has sometimes been a challenge. A few weeks ago, I had to squeeze "the studio" between new lobby furniture, old furniture which has since been donated to charity and rolling carts full of books awaiting new shelving. Now that the second phase of our three-stage process is complete, I once again have an empty office I can use to set up "the studio."

tight squeeze

an empty office

sunrise with the new camera


snow sparkles


Grand Mesa

with filter


Lizard Flake

Windshield Sunrise

Yes, it even does movies! Watch it snowing up in downtown Denver yesterday...


  1. Love the photos! You always inspire me. Thank you. :)

    blessings always

    1. Thank you, Stitchy! That's actually the best part of blogging. Being inspired, and sharing inspiration!

  2. I truly enjoy visiting here, which is why I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award: http://mjjoachim.blogspot.com/2013/03/very-inspiring-blogger-award-round-1.html

    1. Thank you, and congratulations on a truly wonderful award!

  3. I'm sorry to have missed the snow, but I think we made it out just in time. We're having a snowstorm in Wisconsin today - glad it didn't happen yesterday and delay our flight.

    Now I can picture all those places you're talking about in your office and visualise you there! :)

    The new camera is a keeper - love the snow sparkles and the sunken stone especially.

    1. Sue, you know we did get sunshine shortly after I shot that video, don't know? That's what they say about Colorado. If you don't like the weather, stick around. It will change in five minutes!

      I'm so glad you got to spend some time here. I hope more is on the way!

  4. Awesome shoots, really lie the mountain, rock wall, um thingy maggigy rock formation? lol

    1. Thanks, Pat. The Lizard tells me those colorful striations are the foothills of the Grand Mesa but perhaps also known as the west end of The Battlements. (What a name, huh???)

  5. Dear SnowCatcher,
    Will you come back to Washington and give the Goatmother some camera lessons? :)

  6. lol, looked at the video. The snow dson´t seem to know which direction to take. :)

    Love the star in the top of the tree. :)

    1. Thanks, Monica! Typically the wind carries our snow all the way to Kansas, so I think when there is no wind, the snow truly doesn't know where to go!


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