15 March 2013

Friday Funny

More links to make you smile.

The coolest word of the month.

Scott Martin of Road Bike Rider recently shared this helpful advice: "If bicycle shorts have holes, it's time to retire them to trainer-only status. Yes, you have a nice butt. No, we don't want to see it. Same goes for shorts that have been washed so many times that the side panels resemble see-through lingerie. Unless you're sponsored by Frederick's of Hollywood, or Victoria's Secret." I have a favorite pair of shorts in that category, and they will NOT see the light of day until I get a new lining beneath the transparency!!!


Oh, dear.

Rock on!

This. Is. Hilarious.

Wetterhorn and Matterhorn

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do this with our Colorado Matterhorn. Or Wetterhorn, an even more spectacularly photogenic peak. Or better yet, Uncompahgre!!!

Wetterhorn, Matterhorn and Uncompahgre

Who knew?!?

I think I want one of these...



Ice Bike

Just Because

Bike Me.


  1. Okay, this is going to take me all weekend to get through these. But I'll comment on a couple - that NFL video made me howl. (Shall have to send that to Philip.)

    Can TOTALLY relate to the bike-shorts thing - I have sheer spots on either hip where the jersey rubs against the shorts. I couldn't see them, but Mr. M noticed (at the end of the season, of course). Needless to say I'll be adding some lining fabric underneath to keep them decently roadworthy. :)

    Thanks for all the chuckles in store....

    1. Sue, it took me a couple of hours to go through them again, so I guess I made this list too long. Tee hee hee!

      As soon as I get done with quilts, I'll still be at the sewing machine... replacing a chamois in a favorite pair of shorts and lining the back of the Zepplin shorts because they have become a bit too transparent, and I can't "bare" to give them up yet. Ha ha!

  2. I'm still laughing! Love the Bad Lip Reading.

    Colorado is so incredibly beautiful.

    1. Couldn't agree more with you, CameraGirl! Colorado IS beautiful!


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