26 March 2013


Smile big and often!

On Sunday, March 17, perhaps better known as St. Paddy's Day, I did 50 crunches for the first time since 2004. (I've been very, very slowly working up toward my goal of 50 since January.)

long enough

A month earlier, I was able to pull my hair back for the first time since cutting it off a year ago due to a cast on my wrist that made brushing too tangling an experience.

True Love

Last weekend, I shot a (hoedown) wedding, and it was the first time since back surgery in 2004 I wasn't in excrutiating pain after being on my feet and stooping for six to nine straight hours. PT is working!!!

looking good before the squares are even finished

Because we had another snowy weekend, I was able to do a bit more sewing. Because I'm trying to baste "Welcome to the Jungle" in spurts to protect my back and the awesome progress I've made, I'm taking breaks, such as the time I spent putting together my second leaf block.

spring's herald

I finally got to take the new camera wildlife hunting last snowy weekend.

Cautious Model

More to come tomorrow!!!

Ghost Cone Scarf

Mrs. Micawber's gorgeous cowl was featured on the cover of the most recent Interweave Crochet, and last week, it was spotlighted once again in a daily fiber email.

Turtle Rock

And you thought my little turtles were cute?!? Check out these. (Thanks, Goatfather, for passing on this link!)

in need of crochet


  1. Awesome pictures, as always. :)

    You have come a long way! You are doing so well. Love the quilt and all the other goodies you made.

    Blessings always

    1. Thanks, Stitchy! I cannot even begin to express how wonderful life is without continual crippling pain.

  2. That is one big arse turtle and awesome with the crunches and no back pain, hate the crummy back pain.

    1. Ditto, Pat. Can't even begin to express what a joy it is to have only manageable pain most days now.

  3. Wow, Deb, when did you go to the Galapagos? ;) That IS one big arse turtle. Love the link too - that yellow turtle blossom is my favourite I think.

    (Smacking forehead - just realized I forgot to take Tallulah on my bike ride. I meant to pose her all over the countryside. DANG!)

    Lots of great smiles in this post, and the biggest one of all is because your BACK IS GETTING BETTER! :) :) :)

    P.S. That robin shot is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.

    1. Ha ha, Sue! I've been to Vancouver and Juarez, and that's the extent of my out-of-country travels. :) One day, I hope I can get to the Galapagos! I'd love to photograph the myriad of wildlife there!!!

      See, I knew something was missing in your last ride post. Hope to see Tallulah's travels next week.

      Yes, my back is still improving, as witnessed by more sewing than I've been able to do since 2004.

      And if you think that robin is awesome, oh, just wait until you see the other birds I got. Tomorrow...

  4. It's all about sticking to it, and little bits of progress, huh!?

    1. Yes, Becky, without the progress, I don't think I'd have the will to keep trying!

  5. So glad to see you're on the mend and back to the things that bring you (and others) so much happiness! It's been a long road, but you're a tough and seasoned traveler. Here's to The Journey...

    1. Thanks, Ti! I can't tell you how good it is to see you here again!

  6. It is so good to hear you are feeling better. And I love your photos, again :).

    1. Thanks, Neferi! It's good to be feeling better!


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