08 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday

berry small

berry much

berry close

tiny but yummy

not quite twins


  1. Mmmm ... strawberry season is upon us. I always wait for the local ones - they taste so much better than any shipped from California can.

  2. Strawberries = Summer :).

  3. Great photos. It's fun to see the strawberries grow.

    But in response to the previous comment, what is wrong with strawberries from California? ;)

  4. Love the last one - they don't even look like the same fruit really! Great pics

  5. soon time for them again. :) I use to pick the wild ones.

  6. I have the perfect ice cream for those! :)

  7. Oh, strawberries! Yum. I am just wordless! :)

  8. Already? Gorgeous, details, luscious photos. Every time I see your close-ups, I resolve that I'll find a way to get a macro set up for my dSLR... inspiration.

  9. Beautiful and yummie :)


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