18 May 2012

Friday Fun

Tell me you're not rooting for this guy all the way to the end!


  1. Phew! What a race - I was a bit confused when he fell as camera angle made it look like they caught up with him in half a second! No idea who he is, but delighted to see the victory :)

  2. I almost could not breathe at the end! Wow! Great victory! Brazilian kisses...

  3. Amazing! If you fall, pick yourself up...shake yourself off...and go ...go ...go!!!! :)

  4. Aaarrgh! I hate seeing them fall....

    At the end, when the next group was closing in on him and he kept looking over his shoulder, I so wanted to yell "Get out of the saddle and SPRINT, dammit!" (Of course he was sprinting, but it always looks like they're trying harder when they're up on the pedals.)

    What a great and satisfying win.

    P.S. There's something so exciting about those helicopter shots of the peloton flying along. Just makes me want to be out riding.

  5. P.S. Love your new photo in the sidebar!

  6. Good heavens ... I was sitting on the edge of my seat and didn't dare breath for a bit. WOW!


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