22 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Three Gossips

stand tall

red rock

Park Avenue

eye of the needle



lizard joy

lizard joy

window shadows






  1. Amazing rock formations. The figure reveals how big they are.

  2. An impressive and rugged landscape, I like the last photo very much.

  3. Makes me want to go out and stand in the midst of beauty. Thanks

  4. Wow - I really like the "Standing Tall" photo. Also, I love all the things I can see in the rocks: "Windows" looks to me like a great rock dragon just raising his head into view (the holes are his eyes, of course); in "Window Shadows" there's clearly a person at the left of the frame relaxing against the rock with her head leaning back; "Peekaboo" features a Buddha-type with an enormous belly (he's also wearing a light-coloured beanie); and of course the screamer - if he is screaming. Perhaps, just out of frame, there's a giant rock hand dangling a rock grape over his maw. You never know. :)

  5. You've been having lots of fun lately! I love the windows and their shadows. But, I think that I love the "tranquility" photo the most!

    We missed the rattlesnake arches yet again. The day that we'd planned to try to go there was the only day of rain during our whole trip!


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