15 May 2012

Slow Bloomer

The hoya is going to bloom again!!!!!
12 March 2012

Getting closer to bloom!
30 March 2012

8 April 2012

Ready, set, bloom!
18 April 2012

24 April 2012

Ta da!
27 April 2012


  1. It´s beautiful. Very slow indeed :)

  2. Those Hoyas are just the most beautiful blossoms! And of course you capture it expertly. Did I expect any less? :)

  3. Wow, just beautiful. You've captured time.

  4. Such magical-looking blossoms, and worth the wait.

  5. lol, you have one too. :) Cool. It took the same amount of time for mine too. But I think mine is a hybrid because the buds coming up now seem to have a few buds that looks more white. And the man who gave it to me sais that his flower now has both red and white flowers. Shall be interesting when it comes out. :)
    The selective light was the little led-light for biks again. .)

  6. one of my hoyas is blooming too, so fun!


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