29 May 2012


Up, up, up!

Commuted by bike to work on May 23, exactly two months from the day I broke my wrist, and it was the first time my wrist did not hurt while squeezing the brakes, shifting gears or turning into hairpin curves. Yeehaw!

yummy wrist therapy

The hand specialist said crocheting is good therapy for my wrist. So I've been doing quite a bit of that, every chance I get. I added homemade noodles (with red Montana wheat we grind ourselves in a human-powered grinder) to the workout routine last weekend, and not only did they taste out of this world, but I believe the kneading process is even better for my wrist and elbow than threadwork!

My next ride wasn't pain-free, and the wrist has been achy on and off since then, but it's definitely improving. Maybe I need to make more homemade noodles...

yummy wrist therapy

New babies arrived last week: daylily, dahlia and windflower bulbs. Planted immediately. Ran out of pots. Had to repurpose pots with not as much growth, including the tiny potatoes that turned into gigantic plants when left unattended. The gigantic plants wilted the first day the sun got hot. Sifting through the soil in preparation for bulb insertion, I found four tiny baby potatoes! Not enough for a meal, but quite the thrill nevertheless.

From a tiny potato springs forth a giant!

tiny surprises

My three-year-old Anaheim pepper plant finally gave up the ghost, unexpectedly losing all its leaves before finally dropping the final tiny pepper. These things are supposed to reach up to a foot in length in real life. Mine get stunted by altitude. But at least they grow.

bare pepper

last hanger on-er

A plant The Lizard inherited from his father and has thought all these years was some variety of hemlock is blooming for the first time since we began dating in 2004. Turns out this and another of a different variety are not hemlock at all but individual varieties of hoya, one a broad leaf, likely from the Philippines, possibly called Iris Marie, but we're still trying to verify identification, and this one, perhaps a verticillata. Happy hoyas with lovely names! Turns out The Lizard's dad was an avid hoya collector.


My spinach is producing for the first time since I moved to Colorado in 1988. I don't know what I did differently this time, but I may actually get a salad out of it this year!

salad in the making


  1. Where do you find the time for all you do? Homemade noodles ... mmmmmm.

  2. I hope you will soon be completely pain free.

  3. I;m glad your wrist is healing and that kneading and crochet are both good for it. The noodles DO look scrumptious!

  4. Your bike looks as though she is soaking in the amazing view and dreaming of more mountains!

    So glad your wrist is healing and recovering :)

  5. Indeed, progress in every way. Lovely potatoes :)

  6. Congrats on the recovery, hope it continues

  7. Popped over the say hello. Saw the thing about the cast. Cast??? What cast?? So, I'm digging down to see what's up. Glad it was just your wrist. For a fearful moment, I thought you might have had a car vs. bike accident.


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