17 September 2010

Friday Funny

Actually, I'm not sure this is truly funny. It's what Dad used to do, in another life, and I always thought perhaps his job is one of the reasons I like to climb, but you would NEVER catch me doing this, with or without a lifeline!


  1. uh oh--video is not available anymore. Have a great Friday anyway.

  2. Another bad post! ;)
    I am SO scared of heights!
    I just go up 1 step on a ladder and I start to tremble.....:)

    Your father had quite the job!

  3. They wouldn't let me watch it. :( Some 'online copyright' claim popped up.

  4. I'm so sorry to those who are unable to see it. Here is the explanation for why it was removed.

    why video was removed

    Too bad we have to worry about such things. As if worrying about the heights wasn't enough!!

    For those who are unable to see it, it was a man with a video cam attached to his helmet climbing a broadcast tower. Yes, my dad used to do that for a living, and no, you still couldn't pay me to do that. !!!

  5. I saw the video a few days ago on Facebook, and it literally made me nauseous. There's no way I could have climbed something like that, and the helmet cam made me feel like I was actually there. Sorry your readers couldn't see it, but I understand the reasons why it was pulled.


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