28 September 2010

Christmas Early

A Doily from MariaThe economy made fund-raising this year a little more difficult than it has been in the past. Nevertheless, I've raised $1,135 for the Colorado Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society so far, with two days to go!

A couple of months ago, the Knackful Knitter bumped me up into the Premium Pedaler Club, which means I get a $10 discount on my registration for next year's ride, and I get to register a month before everyone else. Perky perks!

I was so tickled, I sent this to Maria. I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her contribution, which was made in memory of her sister who died of multiple sclerosis.A bear and heart in a basket for MariaMaria loved her surprise gift, but I had no idea how much. Two weeks ago, I unexpectedly received this in return...Wow!I have never owned a knitted doily in my life. This gorgeous masterpiece brings such joy every time I walk into my living room, where I proudly display it. I can only hope the socks I'm making as Christmas presents for my female relatives (and sweet hubby!!!) and dearest friends will bring even a fraction of the emotions I feel knowing how much time went into creating this for me. Even though Maria tells me she is a speedy knitter. Still, to devote time to creating something for someone you've never met in person! Life just keeps getting better and better!

My heart melted again last week when I received yet another unexpected package, this one from Ane Scherrer, whom I electronically interviewed last spring during Knit and Crochet Blog Week.Brazilian Snow from Ane ScherrerThis package drew ooohs and aaaaahs throughout my office. Ane said one is for me, and the second she hoped I'd be able to auction to raise money for the NMSS. I couldn't bear to part with either one, so I made a donation in her name.

Both of these gifts came at a time when I'd been feeling low. My friend Shonna, who has bravely fought ovarian cancer for three years, is nearly finished with her battle. Many of my thoughts every day for the past two months have been encompassed by and directed at her. My two surprise packages lifted my spirits in ways I can't begin to describe and made me appreciate the ability to make friends the world over through something as simple as sharing snowflake patterns. I've learned first-hand the power of a well-aimed warm fuzzy.

Shonna's courageous fight, in turn, has taught me how precious and valuable every moment spent with friends can be, whether in person or even electronically.

If you take anything at all from my post today, please let it be a renewal of a bond or the passing on of a warm fuzzy. Take a moment to savor life and priceless friendships. And then take a moment to make someone smile.

I promise, it's worth it.


  1. thats an excellent reason to have an early christmas :-)

  2. Very pretty things and photos :)

  3. Beautiful, meaningful post.

  4. wow, how blessed you are to have such wonderful friends! Beautiful.

  5. Thanks for the "take-home" message. It's priceless.

  6. Yeah, little things and warm thoughts mean a lot. That´s it.

    What a lovely knitted doily. I have knitted 1 red christmasdoily and it was quite difficult, but I did it :).

  7. Such great advice. Have you seen the woman who has run across America to raise money and awareness for MS? She's doing her final 10 miles today to New York City Hall. Pretty cool.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. We're going through a similar experience, and it's such a helpless feeling. Every day, we wish for one more day, knowing that it's never enough. You're in my thoughts.

  8. Love this idea of passing along a warm fuzzy. That's something we should do every day. I have a doily that was Grandmother's. It's pretty special to me, as well. Oh! And, that snowflake wind chime thingy? Just gorgeous...

  9. That is great! You have done great! Both of your gifts are so wonderful, I can see why they were uplifting. :) MS is a horrible disease that robs so much. :( And I'm so sorry about your friend.

  10. Congratulations on your fund raising. Such wonderful work you do! My friend's daughter has MS, we thank you for your work. The doily is incredible.

  11. now I am breathless and speechless!! It is an honor to have a friend like you. Thank you! The knitted doily is something!

  12. What great advice! I really am a speedy knitter....and you totally deserve all the warm fuzzy's and more.
    I LOVE what Ane made for you! Ooo and ahh are right!
    This is the second post you've written where I've cried.....for your dear friend, Shonna.
    It breaks my heart.....

  13. Such wonderful handmade gifts to receive. Thanks for the warm fuzzy reminder!


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