23 September 2010

Eye Candy

My first attempt at quilting autumn gold!
quilted autumn


  1. Great, hmmmm...where are my Scott Kelby books for PS :)

  2. beautiful--they would make nice quilt blocks!

  3. Just beautiful... So geometric compared to the aspen leaves in the last post!

  4. I love those leaf quilt blocks! Kinda makes me want to quilt leaves together... God is the best artist.

  5. I am curious to know what tool you use to piece together the images of leaves into such an interesting design.

  6. Beautiful pictures!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog and hope you enjoyed Pikes Peak. I always think that even a "bad" day outside doing what we love is better than being trapped inside. :)

  7. my eyes are happy, my eyes are happy

  8. Just gorgeous. I agree with And Miles To Go ... I was seeing quilt blocks!


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