07 September 2010

For Dad

Love that steam!Back in June, I bought a fancy schmancy Ride the Rockies polo shirt for my dad for his birthday. It was made out of the same fabric they use for cycling jerseys, so he could stay cool in summer while working in his yard, and he could stay warm in winter while working on his kitbash projects.

Play ball!I mailed it to him three weeks early. I screwed up. I trusted regular mail. I did not use tracking. Or first class. I should have.

Here it is, four months later, and my dad still hasn't received his birthday present.

So Dad, it's not much of a substitute, but here's a replacement gift. I found this in the most unlikely place. Nestled away in the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame in Crested Butte. During a thunderstorm. I wiled away the lightning bolts while snapping these photos for you.

My dad, an avid model railroader, has loved trains since he was a tot. His dad, my grandpa, gave him a train set for Christmas in 1945, and in 1951, a neighbor arranged for him to ride a real train. My dad has been hooked ever since. He blogs about his projects and even asks my opinion on photography and blog layout every now and then. It's been a lot of fun and bonding, both my dad and me sort of publishing our own electronic newspapers together.

Happy belated birthday, Dad!

the story of my life...


  1. If we didn't have so many kids, I would love to turn a room into a train room. They are so relaxing to look at. Great post.

  2. Auguri al tuo papa'!!! Anche il mio era ferroviere!Mi dispiace per il tuo regalo;spero che tu riesca a ritrovarlo!!!Ancora kiss!!Civetta

  3. How cool that you can share your blogging adventure together. When I was little, we used to ride the train a lot going to visit my grandma. Good times!


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