21 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just Plain DaffyBasil CinnamonStrawberry Fields ForeverSweet PeaceHey, you, get off of my flower!


  1. GORGEOUS photos. That shot of the little seedlings is very special to me. Aren't you thrilled it's finally springtime? :D Happy WW.

  2. The 'little purple ones' I had a photo of my blog a couple days ago? Called grape hyacinths. Spread like crazy around here. Well. Around everywhere!

    Love the shot of the seedling shoots!

  3. Gorgeous photos..#2 is my fave..they are all so stunning and magical in their own way! Lovely! yay!

  4. So much beauty around you! I love the daffodil arrangement!

  5. nice shots. I like the green ones. So good in color. I recognice it but the name does not come to mind. :(

    Maybe I´ll use some of the photos as greeting card. My granddaughter is up for her birthday next week. :)

  6. So, Spring has sprung in Colorado!!
    I love the reflection of the blue mat inthe water of the daffodils and the seedlings shot the best!


  7. All wonderful shots but I do like the last one with the spider... Odd I know but I do..

  8. Those pictures embody springtime! I love the green nascent leaves... We have so many of those popping up around here. They're not flashy but they ARE spring.

  9. You've caught Spring walking around in her slippers and bathrobe, picking things up and putting them down- these are a musical score of beginnings.


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