15 April 2010

Even More Free Months

Crestone Needle from Lower South Colony LakeHere we go again. It's income tax day, so you deserve more than one month of summer. Too bad we can't all take vacation today, right?

Here are the next two months of the free weekly planner...
July and August. Enjoy!

The next installment(s) will be available in May.

Of course, strings are attached... you know, all that legal mumbo jumbo. This calendar is copyrighted and provided by Snowcatcher Photos. You may print the calendar and share the calendar via link back to this site. You may not under any circumstances sell the calendar or any of the images therein. Modification or republication of the calendar or any of the images therein without prior written consent of Snowcatcher is strictly prohibited.


  1. goodness, this is just.... wonderful. I stand in awe looking at this pics!

  2. I found myself breathing in water right now and it just seems right.

    The siren song of a mountain lake makes the ocean cry in jealousy.

  3. OMG, the rock is falling over. HELP!

    Did you climb it? You mentioned you want to run away from your desk. Hmmmmmm, I thought you were outdoors climbing, biking and taking pics all the time. And creating stars in the evening in front of the campfire. :)

  4. Gorgeous photo. I can't wait to get up into the high country this summer!

  5. I do wish we got longer vacations, wouldn't it be nice to enjoy nice weather the short time it's here.


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