27 April 2010

What Dreams are Made of

Weminuche WildernessSome people dream of European vacations, week-long cruises, tropical beaches or rubbing elbows with movie stars. I dream of alpine wildflowers, stalking wildlife, pedaling over mountain passes while listening to streams trickle and songbirds sing, and hiking beneath towers and arches of crimson rock.

We are FamilySome people dream of winning the lottery, winning a seat on a game show, touring the golf courses of the world, shopping the malls of the world, playing Guitar Hero or rubbing elbows with rock stars. I dream of writing novels, publishing calendars, designing things and making the things I design.

Throughout my life, there have been times when I've wondered if I dream too big. Sometimes, I feared I could never attain what I wanted most because what I wanted most was so darned big.

For instance, I want to design and crochet a Gunne Sax-inspired wedding dress. No, not for me. Not anymore, anyway.

I did actually make my wedding dress; it just didn't fit.From the time I was about 16, I wanted to make my own wedding dress. A teenage wallflower, I didn't think I'd ever actually attract a Prince Charming, so there seemed no point in the time-consuming task of creating the dress of my dreams. When I finally found my Rider in Shining Bicycle Armor at the ripe old age of 45, I didn't want to delay my big day for six years while I crocheted with thread the dress in my head.

So that dress is still trapped in my noggin, just waiting to be made. I will make it one day. But not today.

I want to weave my own fabric with yarn I dye myself to make a one-of-a-kind quilt (that yes, I already see it in my head, too). This idea is another treasure I hang onto because I will accomplish it one day. The fantasy part of the dream that might not ever come to life is winning honors in the Denver National Quilt Festival. Quilt judges can be... harsh. But you did NOT hear me say that. Especially if you are a quilt judge.

ICK!A dream I need to put priority on is a filet crochet panel, perhaps with a lizard design, for this window, which came with the house. As is. Because just about anything would look better than this.

My First Handmade SocksI've become somewhat of a sock monster ever since my first pair of crocheted socks back in January, so it's only fitting that one day I make a pair of monster socks. That's the trendy thing to do with sock leftovers – make a pair of Frankenstein-like socks using only odds and ends. The only thing keeping me from starting this right away is that I've been using my leftovers to create little bears, little bunnies, little flowers, little beads and little hearts. Monster socks begin with the very next batch of leftovers!

Lovey Dovey Sock LeftoversI'd really love to finish all the UFOs I've stashed away throughout the years. One by one, I'm slowly chipping away at the list. During the Ravelympics earlier this year, I learned how rewarding and satisfying it can be to unravel a project that sat stale too long and use the yarn (or fabric) to make (and FINISH!!!) something new.

I have a three-page list of ideas I hope to create one day. I hope to create everything on the list, but I also hope the list keeps growing. I hope it never stops!

Five of SixSome dreams do come true. From the time I first learned to print pictures in a darkroom, I wanted to make my own calendars. For six years, I did! The economy stole that dream from me this year, but I'll never give up hope it can be resurrected one day.

From the day I made my first snowflake, I fantasized about a leaflet of my own snowflake designs. It brings a smile to my face now to realize some forms of publication are better than printed paper leaflets. My snowflake dream is taking on a life of its own right here, amidst these electronic waves. Maybe one day I'll have an entire book of snowflakes! One week at a time...Just Flakey!


  1. I love your snowflakes :-)

  2. "I dream of alpine wildflowers, stalking wildlife, pedaling over mountain passes while listening to streams trickle and songbirds sing, and hiking beneath towers and arches of crimson rock."

    Me too!!! On my first alpine camping trip last year, we woke up to mountain sheep within feet of our campsite (the dogs slept through it). So cool...

  3. I loved this post, probably because i can identify with having so many ideas in my head and not being fully able to see them all through right now but knowing that one day i'll manage to do them.

    What sock pattern do you use for your crocheted socks? I'd love to try some. Knitting in the round gives me a headache but crocheting in the round is something i could do all day!

  4. Those goats are so ADORABLE!!! And of course, your snowflakes are always beautiful. =]

  5. First of all, a huge resounding YEAHHHHH to what YOU said.

    All of it.

    As you know, there are no rules about when and where one can wear the wedding dress. Make up new rules, ones that you like. I still haven't worn mine yet- it's in a box in my closet. Just because.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the snowflakes - living up in Vail, CO - I am very ready for summer and the wildflowers/wildlife and could do with not seeing another snowflake until at least October - but these snowflakes are just awesome !!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful snowflakes :). If one has yarns, dreams come true? :D. If days had more than 24 hours........

  8. Thanks so much for the link, i'll be bookmarking that, what a great resource!


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