29 April 2010

Never Too Old

ToyotaI love what you do for me...Something I've been wanting to learn for a long, long time, since another life a very long time ago, is how to use my knitting machine.

I bought the Toyota (the one I haven't driven) used for a GREAT price in about 1998 from a graduating and moving-on university student. I wonder if she would regret parting with this wonderful piece of equipment if she knew it has been in the original box since that day.

My father-in-law has promised to make a sturdy table so klutzy me can safely use the machine without knocking it over and ruining it, which has been my biggest knitting machine fear. This coming winter might be THE winter I pop out my first machine-made sweater.

I wonder if this Toy will get the mileage my 4Runner has seen once I learn the basics...
I Love My Toy!


  1. 1.000.000 miles perhaps? :)

  2. I had a plastic one of these when I was a kid. It wasn't sturdy and didn't do much. I think it might have been one of my Mother's last attempts at trying to interest me in crafty things. (That poor woman was the eternal optimist.)

    Your cool contraption looks like it would be a blast to knit with!

    PS: When are we going horseback riding? :)

  3. interesting! I´ve heard of these but never seen one. It never became popular so maybe it did not work that well. Would love to hear about your progress in this matter.

  4. We have knitting machines at work and I'm nervous about them too. I'll work on getting the nerve to use ours if you do for yours!


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