28 April 2010

Brazilian Snow

Ane's SnowflakesAnemarie Vogelaar Scherrer crochets snowflakes because that's as close as she can get to the real thing in Brazil.

"Snow is a very rare phenomenon in Brazil," she said.

Ane's SnowflakesI heartily agree with Ane when she says crocheting snowflakes is addictive. She made her first one four years ago.

“It is like eating popcorn. If you start, you can’t stop!” she said.

Snowflakes are just one common interest Ane and I share. I find myself drawn to people who nurture the same passions as me, and never could I have imagined another person existed on earth who treasures all things snowflake as fanatically as me.

As you can see from her photographs, Ane loves more than just crocheted flakes. But crocheted snowflakes have become a part of her life now. She's whipping up a snowstorm of her very own in Brazil!

Ane's SnowflakesHer daughter one day suggested Ane try selling her flakes, and she did. Now, in what Ane calls natural evolution, she is beginning to pass on her talent and passion to others.

"This week I will teach crocheted snowflakes for the first time," she said. “It is nice to see my flakes crocheted by other hands. I am very happy!”

I asked about the most difficult thing she’s ever made, and she said she can’t remember anything particularly difficult.

“Maybe some snowflakes are difficult,” she said. “Especially 3D ones. They are funny to me because I don't think 3D snowflakes exist in the nature.” I think I need to send her pictures of some of the huge, heavy, moisture-laden snowflakes that fell here in Colorado last weekend! Alas, my snowflake photography does not match that of masters such as
Wilson Alwyn Bentley, Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Fred Widall, Mark Cassino, and Pam Eveleigh.

My Snowy Colorado TulipAne’s mother taught her to embroider. Her Aunt Helena, from the land of snowy Dutch tulips, taught Ane to crochet, knit and sew with while Ane was young, perhaps 10 years old. Aunt Helena moved with her family (including Ane’s father) to Brazil in 1950 but now lives in Spain.

Ane says she loves all kinds of needles and pins. She is inspired by magazines, books and the internet. She especially likes to see what other people make, then create her own projects and patterns.

“My favorite thing is a portable Christmas tree,” she said. “I sewed a green velvet cone (80cm height) and attached (with lentejoula or bead glue) 36 crocheted snowflakes. I cut out parts from some snowflakes and replaced with embroidery using beads and metallic thread. I can carry the portable tree flat, then fill it with crushed pages of old newspaper.”

Portable Christmas TreeWhat an inspiration. Not only does the portable tree allow her to keep a holiday item ready all year for whatever need might arise, but she also can easily take it to her classes and demonstrate to her students just one of the many ways crocheted snowflakes may be used.

Ane says she likes to make snowflakes and crocheted flowers.
“Yarn or thread, it doesn't matter.”

Her snowflakes are made with Coats Esterlina size 10, 100% cotton, and number 4 (1.25mm) hook.

“When I need a super challenge, I use Esterlina size 20 with a 0.6mm hook.”

I’ve used one of those micro hooks and can attest to how difficult it is to see stitches that tiny. I don't know why we thread crochet lovers force our eyes to work so hard, unless it's just how cute and adorable itsy, bitsy, teensy, tiny things are when done.

Ane, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you better. I enjoyed making your snowflakes!
My interpretation of Ane's 2007 Snowflakes


  1. That velvet fabric tree is genius. It would be prefect for me, as I have no room to store an artificial tree in my tiny flat.

    By the way, the wool was Drops Delight. The green skein was all running thick/thin but the blue skeins are perfect, nice and even. So very strange! There are no pictures of the carnage i'm afraid, next time though...(and there *will* be a next time, no doubt).

  2. does Ane post any of her patterns publicly?

  3. Anonymous, not sure if Ane posts her patterns. That's a question you would have to ask her. She speaks English beautifully and has always been prompt to answer my emails.


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