18 November 2009

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Beautiful photos - How do you get so close?

  2. beautiful! I still can't imagine how you ride your bike on the snow?

  3. Aren't they just gorgeous! All of your shots are amazing!!!

  4. Your shots are fantastic!! Was this with a long range lens? You must have been ready for the hot chocolate on your return home... the snow looks so deep!

    Happy WW! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!


  5. I gasp! You took my breath away, again! So glad you stopped by to see the dogs or I would have missed you today!! Fantastic!

  6. Wow. Stunning captures. My kind of hunting! =)

  7. You take the most amazing photos! Just incredible! Happy WW!

  8. Thanks, everyone! I'm very quiet and never look an animal directly in the eye while stalking, and I never chase the animals. I try to wait until the animal is accustomed to my presence before trying to get closer. But yes, I do use a long lens, and I've learned over the years what different wildlife reactions mean. I know when I've gotten too close, and I back off. And yes, the sugar-free hot chocolate upon our return home was FABULOUS! Hit the spot and warmed the toesies!


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