03 November 2009

Retiring an Old Friend

Back in July, I was concerned winter would set in before I was able to work with some bright, summery batiks I'd ordered. In August I took a day off to help take down the Quilts at the Capitol. We finished shortly after lunchtime, so I had a whole half a day to sew!

I finished one skirt I had been hoping to make and then wear before summer ended, and I did get to wear it several times! But then the sewing machine sat dormant again for more than two whole months. Poor guy. He gets so lonely. Or he could be a she...

Last week we had a snow day. Typically I'd be out shooting because, well, that's what I do. And that's why nothing at home gets done on a timely basis. I don't know what got into me this time, but I decided to shovel, take a walk at a nearby park, shovel, sew instead of bike up a nearby canyon through 29 inches of fresh white powder and shovel some more. Also made homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with no sugar! Oh, and then I shoveled again.

The black bag I've been using since I made it in about 1994 has seen its better days. The cordouroy literally is beginning to give. So I decided it's time to make a new bag.

I just loved slicing into my lime green stash again. The snow was white and bright, the fabric looked like summer; what more could a girl ask on a cold and blustery day?!?

Now the little black bag goes into storage. The fabric is so worn, I'm not sure I can use any of it for anything else. But the zipper may come in handy one day.

And now it's Take Your Lime Green Bag to Work Day! Every day! Even though it might as well be winter! Carrying my bright new bag, I can make sure the bus sees me when it's dark and dreary!

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