02 November 2009

Hot off the Press!

For the past six years, my employer has published a pocket-sized weekly planner. Budget constraints in 2009 made it impossible to offer the calendar again in 2010. My husband and I looked into printing the calendar ourselves, but that, too, was cost-prohibitive.

For the past six years, most of my weekends and vacations have literally focused on filling the next year's calendar with up to 60 photographs. That's a very hard habit to break!

I hope and pray the world financial situation will improve in the coming year and that publication of our weekly planner can resume in 2011. But for now, this calendar is my gift to the world in these troubled financial times.

I also plan to release a free version of the weekly planner in sections on a monthly basis (to spread out bandwidth usage throughout the year instead of one big server crunch now through January). The first installment will be available in December.

Of course, strings are attached... you know, all that legal mumbo jumbo. This calendar is copyrighted and provided by Snowcatcher Photos. You may print the calendar and share the calendar via link back to this site. A permanent link will appear in the right-hand column. You may not under any circumstances sell the calendar or any of the images therein. Modification or republication of the calendar or any of the images therein without prior written consent of Snowcatcher is strictly prohibited.


  1. hi Snowcatcher,
    That's a collection of beautiful pictures! I had never seen big full moon in UK, how can it be that huge is states?? I do wonder :-)
    Thanks for sharing and being a blessing!

  2. Hi There! Greetings from India. Thank you for the lovely calender. It is lovely of you to share. May God Bless you and your ministry.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Sweetie Bulsara

  3. Wow! your pictures are amazing (as usual!) It's hard to pick a favourite from amongst them they are all so magnificent.

    Thanks for sharing.


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