24 November 2009

Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

I recently participated in my first-ever ornament swap, hosted by Lisa's Chaos. This is what I created and mailed off:
(See, Alyeska? I really can part with one of my tiny bears if I make it knowing I'm giving it away!)

And this is what I received in return. My exchange partner, Robinella at Not a Stepford Wife, actually put some homework into creating her lovely ornament, and she painted two of my original snowflake designs onto a glass ornament!!! Isn't it simply gorgeous?!?
This swap was a fun thing to do. Meeting people all over the world who have the same interests, dreams and hopes is a miracle, something that didn't happen so easily 20 years ago. Blogging has opened so many doors for me, and I'm just getting started!

I've enjoyed "meeting" both Lisa and Robinella, and I've enjoyed "meeting" so many readers from all over the globe. What a wonderful way to start off the Christmas season!

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  1. How was the swop arranged? I'd love to have joined in!!

    Fancy doing our own swop?


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