27 November 2009

Friday Funny

I thought I was being so clever and creative when I hired my stuffed snow tiger to model my handmade scarves. I didn't want to spend $80 on a mannequin. Actually, I just didn't want a mannequin taking up valuable real estate at my then tiny quarters.

Now I find out what happens to stuffed snow tigers when their families no longer want them.

I discovered this gem on Regretsy.com, a very funny parody site with genuine unbelievable, incomprehensible listings from Etsy (some of which sold after being featured -- go figure), but WARNING!!! If you visit Regretsy (which I did NOT link to), please note the site has tons of stuff and language that would not be appropriate for children, and it has a bunch of stuff and language that is NSFW. I'd bookmark Regretsy if there was a squeaky clean version.

But I had to look to make sure none of my stuff is on there. Whew... close call. They have my snow tiger's long-lost cousin, but none of my Etsy creations. (HUGE sigh of relief!)

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