19 September 2023


One of the scarier symptoms of Parkinson's is hallucinations. Lizard has more than his fair share, and his anxiety, another crazy symptom, really puts some emotion and/or adrenaline into the things he thinks he sees.

I think I've shared here before that when we walk around the block, every sidewalk seam is a snake, every shadow is a bear, and every wildflower is a piece of toilet paper not cleaned up by someone who pooed out in the open.

We were walking last week when suddenly a rather large sidewalk seam about twelve feet in front of us began to move! I saw it, too. This was no hallucination!!!

I tracked that shiny bull snake (from a respectful distance) for a good 10 or 15 minutes trying to get the perfect shot. But the perfect shot would have been the newly molted snake sunbathing in the sidewalk seam. It just didn't care to pose for me there. However, Lizard and I both have to giggle repeatedly at the experience. Many times. This time, the sidewalk seam really was a snake!!!


  1. Where do you live, and who is Lizard?

    1. Hi, Terri. Lizard is my husband, and we live near metro Denver in Colorado.


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