28 September 2023


The closest thing I got to fiber arts this week was installing fiber drawers on one of two desk shelves I bought to enable myself to work at my new used standing desk. When the office where I work moved from one building to another this summer, many usable things were put up for grabs because, they say, it is cheaper to buy new than to pay to move old.

I couldn't afford to buy another nice standing desk in 2020 when we all had to start working from home. So I bought a cheap table for my personal computer, which I'm still using. I wanted something a little sturdier and more professional for my at-home work station, which has been set up on one of Lizard's old drafting desks since about 2021. I've wished since 2021 I had another standing desk so I wouldn't have to sit when I work.

I had asked if there were any standing desks available when we moved; the company I work for had installed (very fancy) adjustable standing desks at every work station in the new building. Employees who had invested in portable standing desks wouldn't need them anymore. They would be donated if not claimed.

In July, I finally brought home the standing desk my bosses bought for me way back in about 2013 or 2014. I set it up for Lizard's accessible computer and his coloring books. He still hasn't used his new computer/art station at all. (The accessible laptop had been set up on our dining room table since Lizard's LOUD Zoom classes back in 2020.) Even though he's not using it now, all his stuff is set up if and/or when he decides he's ready to sit (or stand) at a desk again.

The standing desk I inherited from work is a smaller version but easier to lift and raise because it's hydraulic. It's big enough only for the monitor and, if I choose to put it there, the keyboard. No room for the mouse. Can't help but laugh at that because we have occasional mice in the basement and garage. No room for them, either!!!

To get my work-from-home desk set up, I would need risers for the keyboard and mouse. I found two 7-inch-tall shelves (that required assembly), and I figured out how to work these weird locking screws I've never even seen before. As of Wednesday night, the new used standing desk is all set up, the shelves for the work laptop, keyboard and mouse are all set up, and I'm typing on the keyboard right this very minute, trying to get used to the new set-up before I have to pull an eight-hour shift on Thursday. For the time being, I'm pretty happy with this, even though it feels awkward right now, and I think I doubled the available amount of desk space by adding the shelves. I've got fabric drawers big enough for pens, batteries, notepads, paper clips and stamps I didn't have room for once I put up the new used standing desk. The keyboard could easily be about four inches higher, but for now, it will work.

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