14 September 2023


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Temperatures finally are falling!!! Just in time for autumn!

End of month typically is stressful for me, thanks to work deadlines I've tried to keep up with for 29.5 years now. But end of month this year has been somewhat exciting. At least from a creative viewpoint.

Work stress at the end of each month probably won't change, and fourth quarter is worse. But the final week of each month this year (or very soon after) has meant the completion of a new segment of one of my digital temperature quilt panels. Sometimes end of the month even lines up with the end of a row on my crochet temperature project.

I am SO happy to perhaps be done with the reds and oranges in my real quilt digital charm square mock-up, the oranges and yellows in my digital snowflake quilt and the pinks in my crochet project. So far, I'm SO in love with the colors of my September snowflake digital temperature segment!!! Fingers crossed for no more orange. (Please, no more high 80s or 90s this year!!!)

I'm going to miss my garden after first freeze, and oh, how I love autumn colors in the trees. But boy, am I ever happy to get back to colors I adore in my temperature projects!!!

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