26 September 2023

Hummer Summer

The days are getting cooler, and the hummers have headed south. I'm anxious for snowflakes to photograph, but I'm going to miss the sweet birds I got to shoot through my bedroom window this year.

I'm going to miss the flowers. And the peppers! But I am planning to dig up a few of the pepper plants so I can try to keep them going indoors through the winter. I was able to enjoy homegrown sweet banana peppers on almost every salad for the last three months! And there are still enough left for a few more meals...

The birds, however, have not been too interested in my raised-bed gardens, thank heavens! Squirrels have been a nuisance and have robbed me of many tomatoes. But the birds have been sticking to the flowers, and it's been SO much fun to watch. I had no idea hummingbirds like sunflowers!

The goldfinches, I knew about. The hummers, though... what an amazing surprise! And this is exactly why I let sunflowers grow wild almost anywhere they come up!

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