10 March 2023

Spider - oh, man!!!

Back in November, four of my friends brought over a poinsettia, my first in decades. I'd sort of hoped to try to hang onto it until next winter and see if I could get the (new growth) leaves to turn red again. I have never been successful in turning a poinsettia red in the second year. But I always enjoy a good challenge.

As I was watering last week, I noticed a sort of hairball that bore striking resemblance to an egg sack... a spider egg sack. I foolishly put my finger closer to inspect.

I know, I know, I know. I should have taken a photo. No photo, not real, right??? But I was SO shocked, and so panicked, I truly forgot to snap a photo.

As I slowly put my finger closer, I saw a white glob that looked almost like a curled up spider. I touched it. And it moved!!! It indeed WAS a spider!!! I TOUCHED A SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!

My first thought was, "Not in my house!!!" I quickly moved the entire pot out to the front porch, which, incidentally, was about 10 degrees.

I remember the face of the spider looking up at me, like an adopted daughter so many years ago. "What did I do???" she seemed to be asking. "I've been here peacefully for three months, and I never bothered you then!"

True. I never would have known you were there, young lady, if I hadn't seen the egg sack. And the egg sack is exactly why you can't stay in my house!

I hope she found warm shelter outside. But one question remains. Does this means there is a spider daddy lurking somewhere in my kitchen???


  1. Hahaha! Having a spider in the house is a good sign. That means it is not too dry, not to damp. Fortunately, I am not afraid of spiders at all. And I remove them by hand easily. Lucky me! Believe me, there is no spider dad. The wife has eaten her husband already.

  2. Yikes! I do the same with spiders - set them free to take their chances outside.


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