21 March 2023

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes it happens because I have time at the very instant I see the need or I need to find something. And sometimes it happens because the walls come tumbling down. Walls of empty pizza boxes destined to become snowflake factories, walls of autographed CDs, walls of fabric scraps set aside for one day. Walls of rechargeable batteries that won't hold a charge. Walls of camera cords and filters from the past that don't fit the current camera. Walls of receipts and invoices and tax documents and medical paperwork and physical therapy instructions.

And the most recent magical spring cleaning experience? My bottle of water tipping over, landing upside down atop reams of paper I've had stored in the bookshelf since we bought the house 15 years ago.

I guess that's one ream of cardstock that won't get used. Thankfully, we have a great recycling program in our village.

It could have been worse. It could have been our genealogy. It could have been a box of family photos. It could have been important records, such as our marriage license. It could have been the box of brand new 2023 calendars that had been sitting in that very same spot just six months ago. Heck, the water could have spilled on my computer or my camera.

But like they say, no use in crying over spilt milk, right? No use in crying over spilt water. At least it was water! I can't imagine the fumes milk would have caused in a few hot days!!!

1 comment :

  1. I too was thinking that if something has to spill, water is the least dreadful option. So glad nothing irreplaceable was the target.


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