09 March 2023

Mercury Rising

I had planned to stop three of my digital temperature quilts the day I finished the January/February segments because I've become bored with them. I was exploring color palettes so I could engage in a genuine fabric temperature quilt next year, and I wanted to make sure I loved the color scheme I chose so I could stick with it all year.

Less than halfway into the project, I wasn't that impressed with any of the three HST versions. Yet, in all likelihood, HSTs are exactly how I'd piece my first real temperature quilt.

The January/February digital segments were finished earlier this week, and I initially was relieved because I don't have to do them anymore.

The following day, I found myself creating new HST templates to do it all over again because I'm still curious how warmer months will look.

brand new for March
brand new color scale for March

I have two fabric options next year if I decide to pursue this in real life. One is my beloved batik fat quarters...

And the second is a scrappy collection of leftover charm squares (and charm squares I've cut from scraps) I've been organizing since December. I based my new March digital HST temperature quilt on this color scheme.

I really do want to have an idea of how both of these fabric collections will look if I commit to a real fabric temperature quilt. So I'm continuing onward with digital mockups to make sure I can live with the color scheme I ultimately select. One of the things I'm learning from my digital expriment is that I like snaking rows much better than monthly or bi-monthly segments.

I'm also loving my spiral HST digital temperature quilt. It starts in the center and snakes around and around clockwise through last Tuesday.

I may stick with the snaking rows, though, because that's what I'm doing with my 2023 crochet temperature project, which incorporates my own hand-dyed threads. I'm snaking the rows back and forth because I liked the digital mockup so much.

I'm SO in love with how it's turning out! I cannot wait to make each new day's motif!

as of 5 March 2023

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  1. I’m sort of overwhelmed looking at your digital mock ups! I don’t know how that is done! But I like the colors so far. I wonder what your summer months will look like this year?

  2. The snaking is a great idea. And I love the pops of purple in your current project!


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