12 May 2022


Both moms loved their table toppers! My mom said she wants to hang the one I made for her on the wall, and my mother-in-law wants another, smaller, to put on a serving table also in her dining room. Words don't even describe how happy my heart is this week!

I've been diligently working on the hand-sewing of my Green Batik Leftovers Quilt-As-You-Go project. I guess I really need a better name for this quilt!

It may be difficult for those who visit weekly to see the progress, but I've finished and attached three of four borders, then finished up the hand-sewing on the back by hand.

This weekend, I hope to finish the fourth border, then bind the quilt. Then I will have met my goal for one finish for each of the first two months of the Ravelry Spring Quarter Challenge! I'll have six weeks left to finish a project for June! If I can keep this up (and not start any more new projects, except my mother-in-law's mini table topper), my official WIP list will be down to single digits for the first time by the end of the Summer quarter!

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  1. Oh I love how your quilt is coming along - you are so close to the finish!
    and YAY for the moms loving their gifts!!! How happy you must be!!


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