05 May 2022

Making Progress

Sometimes, I just have to walk away for a while.

I started my green batik leftovers quilt-as-you-go project two years ago this week, back when we thought the "two-week" Safer At Home was going to last just a bit longer... This quilt was something to do I could look forward to each day after working at home. We were waiting for doctors to be able to see patients in-office again. Lizard had taken a real downturn, and we discovered in June of 2020 he would need another surgery. I finished the main 12 blocks quickly, and then the project got put aside because one of the blocks was too short, which I didn't realize until I'd stitched the rows together. When I learned Lizard would require another surgery, I couldn't even look at the quilt. Too many painful memories. Thank heavens this cheery project doesn't give me bad vibes anymore!

I finally figured out a way to fix the too-short block last week using a scrap of green that almost matches the original block. I also extended the back of the block using a matching piece of leftover binding, which is all I have left from that fabric. Once I evened up the quilt, I felt free as a bird! I began using more of my leftover green batik strips to piece a QAYG piano key border. One border is finished and attached, although hand-sewing still needs to be done.

Last night I finished the second border strip, and I'm currently in the process of quilting it as I go so I can attach it. I've also started the third border. I'm hoping to have the third and fourth borders completed and sewed into place by this weekend so I can do all the hand-sewing while we visit my mother-in-law. And then, just the binding will need to be done, which I can finish in a couple of hours when we get back home. I expect this quilt will be done soon!

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  1. Glad you figured out what you wanted to do to make progress. Awesome color palette and piano key border with your fun blocks. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. It is super cheery - I am so glad you can get back to it!!!


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