21 April 2020

The Bright Side

Being stuck/safe at home has some genuine benefits:

1. I get to take care of Lizard.

2. Lizard can sleep as long as he needs.

3. Peace.

4. A tank of gas lasts a whole month.

5. I don't have to stop watching wildlife when it's time to get on the train.

6. Never thought I'd ever say this, but I don't have to get on the train!

7. T-shirt & jeans every day.

8. I can work on my garden during my lunch hour. Which encourages snow.

9. I can go on a walk or short little bike ride with Lizard after I get off work. When the weather is warm enough, we can go on short walks before work.

10. Walking away from the computer screen and stretching a bit when my back begins to throb is so much easier.

11. More homemade meals!!!

12. Watching out my window. Every day. All. Day. Long. !!!


  1. beautiful photos & sentiments. It is my hope that the rest of the world is doing the same thing, and when we come out of this mess, we will all be in a better frame of mind and heart.

    1. Thank you, Faith. I truly hope we do come out better when we get to the end of this tunnel. We pulled together after 911; I hope we can do that again.

  2. I like that mitred corner afghan,or log cabin. Where did you find that pattern?

    1. Thank you, Faith. That's my natural-dyed crochet version of the ever-popular knitted Hue Shift Afghan. My crochet adaptation (which doesn't include the Hue Shift pattern) is here.


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