07 April 2020

A Mile (or more) in My (ancient) Shoes

During the last (February) snowstorm I walked in prior to going to work, my beloved Hoka shoes finally developed the long-threatened built-in water circulation system. By the time I got to the train, my feet were soaked and absolutely freezing. I took off my shoes and my socks once I got to work, and my feet were still so cold, it sometimes was difficult to concentrate on my work.

By the time I got off work, the socks had dried just enough for me to get them on without going through the ceiling due to refreshed chill, but the shoes were still soaked, and by the time I got off the train, I was ready to cry.

I dug around in my storage; I rarely throw out anything that might be recycled. I found an old pair of Merrell hiking boots, probably from around the turn of the century. They, too, had built-in plumbing, but the intake holes were not as wide as the holes in the Hokas. I thought the shoes might do for a while.

Each day, the left side of the bottom of my left foot became more and more sore. I couldn't figure it out. I hadn't done anything to hurt it. The day my work closed with an order for all employees to work from home until further notice, I had parked four miles from the park and ride. I thought it would be a piece of cake to carry home in a re-usable cloth shopping bag the things I'd need in order to work from home.

Oh, and my backpack was loaded, too, so my walk was like carrying gear for a three-week back-country adventure. I probably had last worn these particular shoes while climbing a mountain or two! But they were comfortable, then!!!

Holy moly. Just looked up my last peak, and it was way back in 2009!!! Could it possibly have been that long ago?!? That's when Lizard and I climbed Uncompahgre with three crocheted bears, earning me the nickname Goldilocks.

While walking to my car from the park and ride, fully loaded, I had to keep stopping. Not because what I was carrying was too heavy. Not because I was out of breath.

I had to keep stopping because my left foot was so painful and getting worse by the step. I honestly didn't think I'd make it to my car. Tears were spilling down my cheeks as I rounded the last bend and I could see my car at the tune-up shop.

The next two days, as the world changed minute by minute, the bottom of my foot continued to get worse. I finally looked up foot pain on the internet, just to get an idea of what to say to my doctor during my annual checkup this month. I had thought perhaps gout because it, unfortunately, runs in my family. I'm about the only one from the older generation now who doesn't have it. This foot made me wonder if I'd actually caught up to my siblings and cousins.

Of course, arthritis is always suspect, too. I hoped it wouldn't be that. I have more than my fair share in my back and hips.

Fibromyalgia was suspect, too. I'e had many co-workers who have battled that or are battling it. It's another diagnosis I strongly hoped against.

Plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia never crossed my mind, even though I've also known many people who've suffered from plantar fasciitis. Even though I don't want either of these, the possibility was a breath of fresh air when compared to the other potential diagnoses.

I stopped wearing the old shoes. The only other non-dress shoes I own, apparently, are the heavy duty Italian hiking boots I wear primarily in back country, which I can't access now, and during winter storms. They are a bit much for work. Plus, they are a little difficult to maneuver when driving. Fortunately, I don't have to wear shoes at home. When we do have to go out, such as for PT or when I pick up prescriptions for Lizard, I've been wearing his slippers. Not the bear feet, but they are tempting!!!

My foot has gradually improved, and now I'm ready to begin daily walks again, in solitude, of course, or with my Lizard. I don't really want to walk in slippers. I thought I might be able to make a Walmart run at some point for things I can't find at the grocery store, such as lotion and bandages. I could get a pair of cheap sneakers, too.

Lizard was totally against that and wanted me to spend the money on a good pair of shoes with adequate support that will last longer. Makes sense. But the shop where we typically buy our cycling and hiking gear is now closed under my state's Stay Home order. Could I wait two or three months for a new pair of walking/hiking shoes???

After not being able to find a few things we need at our local grocery store, I decided to order them on Amazon. While I was "there", I decided to look up my favorite hiking shoes. By golly, they are just a bit cheaper than buying them online. I'm a big one for buying local when I can, and I sincerely apologize to my local shop for not waiting, but I will visit the shop again when it's open.

In the meantime, I got my new shoes!!!


  1. Do they work? Foot pain sucks arse. I've spent 1000s on stupid shoes and all I can walk in is work boots with four pairs of socks. And the official diagnosis is "I don't know what that is" lol And stupid pain will go right up my body too. Don't let it come to that. Super sucks.

  2. I'm so sorry, Pat, you've had trouble with your feet and your hand. Yes, these shoes are GREAT! I wish I had done it six months ago. They don't fix the arthritis in the hips, but the bottoms of my feet don't hurt anymore. So it truly must have been poor support. Thank heavens for easy fixes!!!


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