14 April 2020

Working From Home

Last month, when we first began working from home, our office manager asked employees to send me selfies of them at their home work stations. She thought it would be a fun way to keep working together while feeling as if we're still in the same office, as well as to help maintain morale.

I punctuated the request by sharing a photo from my home computer desk from 2017. Everyone got a kick out of it, and some even "cheered" by replying to all, "You win!" Nevertheless, it's not a selfie. It doesn't count.

I promised my co-workers I had put in a request for a retake so I could be in the picture, too. Meanwhile, most employees sent photos of their dogs at their work stations or their dogs on their laps at their work stations. It has provided a great way for us to bond across the miles, and it gives everyone something to look forward to each week, as business slows and job security fears rise.

Of course, I don't really care for deer in my yard because they eat everything I don't plant for them. But I've been feeding the squirrels for about a year now to keep them out of the bird feeder (not always successfully), so I suppose I could "feed" the deer as well. Meaning, let them eat what they want, since they are going to anyhow, and there's not really any way to stop them without drawing other garden visitors who might have a different type of appetite.

Such as... bears.

We hadn't seen deer in the neighborhood in a while, so I wasn't sure I'd actually be able to get a fresh photo. So I took photos of whatever wildlife popped into view.

First, of course, came the squirrel. Every day. Two of them, actually. Which means we may soon have more than two. They can be fun to watch. They still prefer the bird feeder, even if I put the same stuff in their feeder on the far side of the yard.

The one very pleasant surprise is when I catch them (from inside the house) attempting to scale the pole leading to the bird feeder and sternly announce, "NO!", sometimes two or three times. They actually reverse course and begin scanning the ground for bird leftovers. My squirrels appear to be as obedient as some dogs.

And if I get to take pictures of the babies when they arrive, you know I won't be complaining.

Mr. Squirrel refused to pose with me for a selfie.

Next came my favorite, the mountain bluebird who teases me at this time every year. Makes me think he wants to move his little family into the cubicle next to mine. Every year. And every year, we get tree sparrows instead. Not that tree sparrows are a bad thing. I love watching those little characters fledge, too. And Lizard thinks tree sparrows are the equivalent of jet fighter pilots. Man, can those little birds dive!

Nevertheless, there is something magical about that gorgeous blue color. I would love to raise a family of mountain bluebirds! You probably couldn't scrape me away from the window if that were to happen.

Alas, because I'm at the window so often now, I found out the true nature of Mr. Mountain Bluebird's visits. In between nesting seasons, wasps (not the bad kind) sublease the premises and build a little guest house of their own inside the birdhouse.

The bluebirds evict the tenants in advance of the tree sparrows' arrival. Oh, and a selfie with one of the bluebirds doesn't really show the bluebirds. So you get telephoto shots instead.

Yes, the Missus followed suit, although she made too quick a getaway with her afternoon snack for a photo.

Finally, my tulips began to make an appearance, and that means four-legged creatures are converging to check out the menu.

They practiced social distancing, too.

Trying to get both me and the deer into the same shot proved a little more problematic than I anticipated. But mission accomplished. I have my official Working From Home selfie now!


  1. haha that is a great selfie indeed. Go deer. I did hear that putting dog hair out keeps them away, not sure how true that is though. Squirrels can learn, I've seen a few around here. The bluebirds sure like to pose.

  2. Now you win again. Great selfie, indeed.


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