10 March 2020

The Harder They Fall

You'd best not mess with me, or you might end up in one of my best-seller novels!!!

That icky feeling you get when someone you admire takes a Humpty Dumpty dive...

Falling from grace has been going on since the beginning of time. We just hear about it more now because the internet makes it possible fo so many people to become overnight sensations. Oh, and that obsession with knowing what said sensation is doing every minute of the day. Have you ever noticed how some days, 80 percent of the headlines detail personal aspects of people who have a heck of a lot more money and time than us regular everyday folk???

I sort of lost interest in idolizing the rich and famous when one particular character I’d followed for quite a while let the whole world down. I’m not going to mention any names because I don’t want nefarious searches to land here. I don’t have the time to sift through the comments.

Nevertheless, there still are a few famous people I think might be pretty cool. There are a few I might like to meet one day. There are a very small few I watch so I can snatch up their next work, primarily authors.

One such author had actually finished a series I’d read cover to cover, and I’d waited as if on pins and needles, quite literally, thanks to my hobbies, for the final installment.

The final installment was released a while back, and I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t noticed. That author now seems headed for a bottomless pit of his own. Again, not naming names so curious looky loos won’t land here to stare and gape. Or rant and rave.

Trying to find out the latest in the developing story is a rabbit hole I don’t have time or interest to pursue, but by golly, I keep finding myself searching for the latest.

This author apparently modeled some of his characters on members of his family. (I didn't know that until he started making headlines.) He writes about real occurrences in his family’s life, and doesn’t even always change the names. He even acknowledged he couldn’t finish the final installment until after the last presidential election because he was shooting for realism. That alone should have set off red lights for me. But, I also haven’t had time to follow his progress. Perhaps thank goodness!

I don’t think I want to read his most recent work now. I’m rolling my eyes as I glance over headlines declaring real-life horrors bearing remarkable similarity to his written plots.

Intrigue. Suspicious deaths. Missing persons. Accusations of conspiracy.

Initially, I was horrified this particular author might have been caught up in criminal activity. But then as the days dragged on into months, I remembered a certain cyclist...

I need a sweet distraction. I wonder if I could write best-seller novels about snowflake designs or cross-state cycling tours or wildlife I encounter on the greenway? I’m sure I could concoct some degree of mystery and drama worthy of my time!

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  1. Yeah, when you go down the rabbit hole of many of these famous folks, you learn a whole lot more than what is on the surface. Pffft to them anyway, the only power they have is what people give them. You ignore them and then what? They are nothing but another human, which is all they are to begin with.


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