13 March 2020

Friday Funny

A group of us at work are spending our lunch hour today volunteering at the soup kitchen. We've been doing this several times a year for a while, but we had been doing it primarily during the summer because that's when the soup kitchen most needed volunteers back when we first started volunteering. Now they call us whenever they have a slot that doesn't get filled. Volunteering during the winter, particularly a cold and snowy winter, has opened our eyes.

Diners are asked to sign in, mostly to help the program directors know how much food to have prepared on any given day. Many sign with an X, and that's allowed. During our first winter volunteering stint, we noticed most of the diners were so cold, they couldn't even write an X, much less get a good grip on the pen or pencil.

We have to walk several blocks to get to the church where the kitchen is staged. We were all chilled from our walk. But we all have gloves, coats and hats. When we returned to work, we would be in a warm office, where coffee is readily available free of charge to those who partake. (I prefer hot tea or hot chocolate and bring my own.)

Our comfort made us uncomfortable. We collectively wanted to do something to help. We organized a gloves/hat/scarf/socks collection at our office, and we will be distributing the goods today.

A quarter of a decade ago, we used to have a weekly S&B at the office where I work. That's what it was called back in 1994. Really. Several women gathered in a conference room for a BYO lunch on Mondays. They would knit, crochet, embroider, sew... I think we even had one tatter for a while.

One by one, all those women have retired. Except me. We have a younger generation now. Lots of crafters, but they apparently had never been invited to a S&B. I got some pretty funny guesses at what S&B must mean when I sent out an invitation for a Hats for Homeless S&B. Yes, I wrote it just like that. I'm not one to use "colorful" language. I confess it was hard for me to type even S&B because I assumed everyone would know what it meant.

Skull & Bones

Shrunken & Broken

Salary & Benefits

Securities & Banking

Safety & Buildings

Sticks & Bricks

Select & Better

Snacks & Beverages

Sports & Boys

Sword & Board

Sistas & Brothas

Shake & Bake

One of the girls replied to my online invitation: "I've Googled S&B, and I just can't figure out what it means. I will be there, and I hope you can teach me to crochet, but please, tell me what S&B means so I won't be embarrassed when all you experienced crafters realize I'm the only one who doesn't know."

I literally was stunned. I truly did not know the acronym is not common knowledge these days. I looked it up for myself. My cheeks turned a bit rosy when I realized I got the abbreviation wrong.


Well, I can't help it! I'm not one to look up "colorful" acronyms!!!


  1. lol I never knew what it meant. Never heard of it before. Looked it up now, the correct way, and know now.

    1. Now you are set for life, Pat! You know the most important acronym in life!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Hey, I only know what it means because there was a book called that (I think)!

    We are so rich in food, warmth, and comfort. Thank you for sharing some of those riches with those in need.

    1. It was a delight, Sue. I would do it again now every day, if I could. Hopefully I can do other things to help now...


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