05 March 2020

How Many Bobbins?

My new dress is going to be so awesome! But it is taking SO long!

The back of the skirt is pieced, all from leftovers of quilt and dress projects over the last eight years. I made the executive decision to machine embroider over each seam.

It does look better with the embroidery. But I thought the piecing took forever. This machine embroidery feels like slow motion, compared to the piecing and pressing of seams. Perhaps I should do a row by hand so I can remember how much faster the machine is than me.

I wish bobbins could hold as much thread as spools. The back of the skirt took two bobbins to piece. I'm on my third bobbin for the embroidery, and I'm not even halfway done yet. At this rate, this summery dress may be done by next winter!!!


  1. lol well at least you have a semi clear goal to have it done by next winter

  2. That is going to add so much pizazz to it !!!


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