09 March 2020

Snowflake Monday

I made two new snowflakes last week, but I've had no time to write the patterns. I also didn't have time to test one of the 35 old unpublished patterns. I guess I am still adapting to this new lifestyle of ours. There will be times when something has to give. This week, it was a new snowflake pattern.

In my own defense, I've published quite a few snowflake patterns over the years, so please feel free to check out my directory (that hasn't been updated in a year and one week now). (I have my work cut out for me.)

However, I am still thoroughly addicted to snowflakes, and I've played with a couple of my ornaments/danglies and some old 35mm camera filters I haven't used in so long, it actually felt refreshing trying to see if I could make them work with my iPhone. (They did! I taped them in place, and I think the photos turned out pretty darned awesome for the short amount of time I had for this particular photo session.)

1 comment :

  1. Hwy, something has got to give. That I know too. Still have fun with snowflakes though.


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