02 January 2020

WIPping Cheer

Seems like I can't finish a quilt anymore these days without adding a new one to the WIP list. Finished ages-old Citrus Whip last quarter, then couldn't resist making a new top from an adorable owl panel. I pulled out three WIPs with every intention of finishing them by the end of the year, but none were boy-themed (with the exception of Matthew's quilt), and I needed two more boy quilts by Christmas. Which means I started and (almost) finished yet two more quilts by the end of the year. (They still need to be squared and bound, but that won't take me very long.) (Oh, and I already told everyone Christmas presents are coming late, and they are fine with stretching it out.) I'm glad the two new quilts didn't get added to my WIP list!!!

What do you bet I fail to avoid jumping in to the new Moda Blockheads project that kicks off in just 14 more days?

A new grand nephew and two grand nieces are coming, all within the next six weeks. I probably can squeeze two girl quilts from the WIP list, but I'm certain I'll need to figure out yet one more new quilt for Colin, who is due next Wednesday. (YIKES!!!)

More than once I have considered finishing up the Spoonflower printed version of #12 on my WIP list for a boy, but I just don't think any of the boys in my family are as loco for snowflakes as me. #15, if I ever finish it, is something I hope to enter in a quilt or art show one day, and there's a possibility it might be suitable for a boy after that. But we could be talking years here.

I can hardly believe now I considered gifting some of my WIPs -- as is -- to a senior center during December!!! Perhaps the urge will return in March, as this new quarter winds down, and I can follow through and actually pare down my list a tad!!! Wouldn't that be life-changing?!?

Here's my still-too-long list for the new quarter:

1. Hawaiian Punch

2. Lizard Toes

3. Hexie Booboo

4. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

5. Teal Shadows

6. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

7. Snowflake Strip Bar

8. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

9. Lavender Sunrise

10. Giant Dahlia

11. Showcase

12. Snowbike II

13. Autumn Splendor

14. Time for Me to Fly

15. Venetian Squiggles

16. Moda Blockheads

17. Tiny Triangle Leftovers

18. Matthew's Quilt

19. My Little Angel Owls

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  1. Works in progress can be overwhelming! It helps to “get them out there”. I’m looking forward to seeing the baby quilts,

    1. Thank you, GrammaJudyB! I really do hope to have them finished soon. Look, it's been a whole week, and the binding STILL needs to be done! And the new nephew arrived today, and his quilt hasn't even been started. Guess I should get off the computer and get on the sewing, right? :)

  2. When you put your mind to it - you really knock them out - that very top one - that panel is amazing!!

    1. Thanks, Alycia! I guess I need to put my mind to it this weekend... I need to declutter my life and start setting aside specific time to quilt and crochet again. My creative soul is starving!!!

  3. So many beautiful projects. Keep going! :-)

    1. Thanks, Regula! I hope I can finish the two grand quilts this weekend, and then I need to whip up a nephew quilt really fast!!!

  4. Curious, why not combine 2 tops into 1 quilt ?
    This way the recipient can decide which is the top.
    IE: 1+4,1+6,2+5,2+8,2+9,2+11,2+17,3+5,3+6,3+11,4+6,6+9,7+16,7+19,8+10,9+10,13+15and 14+15 my favorite.
    'Twould lessen your # of WIPS !!!

    1. Would you believe I've actually done that twice in the past, Sylphic Designs?!? I do agree a couple of these would work nicely as backs, but I've already finished or purchased backs for some of them. So I just gotta get sewing!!! Life, please slow down just a bit!!!

  5. You certainly are an artist. What beauty.

    1. Why, thank you, Lady Locust! I do love to quilt; I wish I could devote more time to it.


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