28 January 2020

Winged Walk

We recently had a two-hour gap between medical appointments for Lizard, and we spent it exploring a new (to us) park. Last fall during my raptor safari, a couple of the other photographers there asked why I'd never been to Ketring Park. I'd never heard of it. They said the park always has a great variety of birds and waterfowl. It was close to one of Lizard's appointments, so away we went!

The lake is mostly frozen right now, so we didn't see many ducks up close, and Lizard still isn't up to the full hike around the lake yet. We could hear many different bird varieties in the trees, but both of us were concentrating on Lizard's stability on the unmelted snow from our Thanksgiving blizzard. (Yes, in fact, we do indeed still have snow from last November!!!) Rest assured we want to go back to Ketring Park soon to see what we can see!

We walked only about a quarter of a mile that day. Lizard's still trying to build up to what he was able to do prior to knee surgery. We're both hoping one day soon he'll be able to walk without pain. But for now, we have to build very slowly.

As we began to leave the park to head to the next appointment, I noticed a red-tailed hawk who had been watching us the entire visit.

I've seen so many red-tailed hawks, I couldn't even begin to count them all. But rarely am I able to get as much personality on camera as this bird shared! It was so exciting to photograph a bird who knew I couldn't reach it, no matter how hard I tried, and wasn't afraid to keep being a bird while I shot 92 frames!!!


  1. Beautiful. I've seen these around where I live, they have quite a wing span, and generally when I see no critters anywhere they are lurking around for supper. I like that I got to see him up close, he was posing...he is rather handsome.

    1. Thank you, Faith! It truly was special to be able to observe this character for a while! Can't wait to go back and see what more we can see!

  2. Sure not bothered by you indeed. Hamming it up for the camera or just has a superiority complex lol great when you find a new spot that you never knew about yet isn't super far away.

    1. They have a huge craft fair there every year, Pat, so perhaps the wildlife there is more accustomed to people than some of the other venues I frequent. When Lizard can get around...

  3. I wondered where you had gotten these amazing shots! Just gorgeous. Hope you can both go back there when Lizard's new knee has gotten up to speed!

    1. Thanks, Sue! He goes in for another procedure next week, and hopefully not too long after that, at least we might be able to walk a bit. I hope so!


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