07 March 2019

Scrappy Stitches

Remember all the owls in every color I'd dyed?

And all the butterflies in every color I'd dyed?

This is the mountain of cotton yarn I used to tie the hanks of thread I dyed. I used to use black acrylic yarn to tie the hanks, and I used to use the ties over and over and over. Until one day while natural dyeing a hank of cotton yarn that needed to be nuked for a few seconds... The acrylic yarn caught fire and melted. The cotton yarn got some unexpected color. I found a stinky way to make pure black... Ha ha ha!

So I started using cotton yarn for ties, which resulted in a lot of short pieces of really pretty colors. The day before we left for New Mexico, I started three different projects I hoped to finish during the drive. One was double tiny bear crochet for a friend who just had cochlear implants and who would like to decorate her hearing aids with Velcro charms, including tiny red bears. One was a hand-quilting project I began back in about 2003 and hope to finish this quarter. (Time is running out!) And one was this snazzy one-of-a-kind scarf.

I got a bit done on each of my projects. The day after we got home, I decided to finish one. The scarf won.

This was such a fun project! I can't wait to dye more thread now so I can collect another mountain of dyed cotton yarn ties! I have ideas bubbling in my head...

I Love This Scarf!

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  1. That will sure keep you warm indeed. Haha even I could make black that way.

    1. Ha ha! Everybody could make black that way, Pat! I solved the natural dye dilemma!!! :)

  2. You are going to need that scarf this week......the bomb cyclone is upon us!!

    1. Yes, indeed, GrammaJudyB! It did get just a bit cold last week, didn't it? Looks like spring finally is coming, though!!!


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