01 March 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

Yes, the mercury is beneath the freezing point,
But that doesn't mean the serving will disappoint.
No, no, quite the contraire;
Of ice cream Snowbow will have more than his share!

What's this? A butterfly on Snowbow's head?
This is not something the little bear will dread!
Instead with the creature he will make friends;
Many buddies bring joy dividends!

Spring Training can't come too soon,
Then real baseball to be played in June!
For this game Snowbow can't wait;
No bad news on this bear's slate!

Longer each February day grows;
Soon the garden will begin to expose
Flowers of every color and kind;
Time to get all those seeds aligned!

Patchwork aplenty keeps little bears busy;
So much to sew, it makes Snowbow dizzy!
But to the bottom of scraps he will go
With plenty of quilts forever to show!

Grandkids are heaven, the little bear knows,
Even though Snowbow has yet to compose
A family of his own to create much cheer;
One day the blessings he will revere!

Unpredictable can be the days ahead,
Much like a ride on an overcrowded sled.
But hang on tight, and keep smiling away!
Happiness arrives in fullness each day!

Look who stopped by with a gleam in its eye!
Snowbow is befriending a purple dragonfly!
Take time each day to find reasons to grin;
You never know the power of a smile within!

Look! Snowbow has climbed a mountain of hearts,
Trying to outdo his mama, queen of the arts!
He'll blow kisses to her this special day
And nudge Dad to romantically sweep her away!

One for the money, one for the show,
One Valentine birthday, and away we go!

Two for the show, two to get ready,
With his hair done fancy, Snowbow's rock steady!

Three to get ready, three to roll!
Three birthdays in one day have taken a toll!

A basket of flowers far from spring
Will help birthday wishes bring;
Snowbow hopes smiles abound,
And cheerful moments are all around!

Our enthusiastic bear this year has found
A winter-riding friend to cover icy ground;
Never alone will Snowbow pedal
The snow-covered routes awaiting the treadle!

The sky's the limit when it comes to love;
No display is too big for our bear to get hold of.
Wait! What kind of sentence is that?
Your wayward preposition has fallen flat!

With all the photos Mom's taken this fortnight,
Snowbow's grown weary of the spotlight.
Time to relax and call it a day,
And put that awful blue tie away!

Mom's fingers have grown too big to try
Tying a tiny, itsy bitsy, little tie!
Her eyesight is not what it used to be,
But photos must be taken, regardlessly!

It's about time someone brought cake!
Celebrating without is such a mistake!
Can't wait to sink my teeth into
This lovely creation made by you!

Someone is coming of age today,
Turning 15 the traditional way!
Her family has pulled out all the stops
In hope of making a quinceañera the tops!


  1. so cute!! do you sell any of these or the things you make? I have a few ladies that we send boxes to each other. 1 in England, 1 in Australia and 1 in New Jersey. I would love to buy some of your cute things to send to them.

    1. Why, thank you, TexasNascarCowgirl! I have put a few things in my Etsy shop, but I’m not sure I have any amigurumi in there right now. I do have about 30 things ready to be listed; just haven’t had time due to internet access issues. I will try to get a few up this weekend, since it’s going to be snowing and keeping me mostly indoors!!! I’ll pay special attention to see if there are any little critters who need to be adopted.

    2. awesome! I have now favorited your shop~

    3. Thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t get anything uploaded yet, but I’m working on it!

  2. A happy day to see all the various poses your rainbow bear could get into. Sounds like you are having fun! :)

    1. Thank you, Helen! I was a tad intimidated by this project at first, but it’s getting to be lots of fun now!

  3. Look at you go with the flow. Those itsy bitsy ties can be hard to tie I bet haha

    1. Not just the ties, I'm finding out, Pat. I'm making a new set of little bears, and boy, are their arms and legs kicking my butt!


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