19 March 2019

Flower Power

Every March, I wish I could go back to California for the poppies. We hit it right the year Lizard participated in the Julian Death March, an epic bike race that no longer exists.

I read with interest this week how the "Super Bloom Apocalypse" resulted in "Disneyland-sized crowds", draining the resources of and shuttering tiny Lake Elsinore.

If I had been able to go to California this week, I wouldn't have gone where everyone else goes. I always try to find my own little secret place!

Just about every time we go to California to visit my parents, we see some variety of flower at its peak season.


  1. it is absolutely gorgeous!!! and the almond trees! love them!

    1. Thank you, Alycia! I’m really in the mood for flowers after all the snow we’ve had! But I’m not complaining!!!

  2. Wow, sure all decked out and colorful there indeed. Finding a special spot away from all the tourists is a win too


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